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Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists

Get the best possible price for your probate real estate with the help of The Ocean Boulevard Team. Our team is certified to offer the highest-quality service for your estate so that you can get the most from your property. 

For Executors and Court-Appointed Administrators:

The services we offer to help you with your probate real estate process include:
  • Service the greater Los Angeles County and Orange County, California areas
  • Offer you a market value analysis for the property you want to sell
  • Promote your property to potential buyers on all media with multiple listings
  • Mailings and open house events as needed
  • Respond to the needs of you, your attorney, the estate, and the directives of the Probate Court
  • Get your probate property sold at the highest possible price

For Attorneys Specializing in Probate:

Services we offer to attorneys for probate property buying and selling include:
  • Guide your clients through the buying and selling process for probate properties according to the guidelines set forth by you and the Probate Court
  • Refer our clients in need of a probate attorney to you
  • Attend court proceedings necessary to complete the sale of the probate property 
  • Respond to your needs, the needs of the Probate Court, and the needs of the Executor of Administrator
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