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The area of Long Beach is rich with the gorgeous craftsmanship and elegant architecture offered by historic homes and buildings. If you are looking to buy or sell a historic property, our real estate agents are very knowledgeable and involved with the preservation of historic sites in Long Beach. 

Preserving Our Community's History

The Ocean Boulevard Team is very passionate about preserving and maintaining these historical buildings, homes, landscapes, and neighborhoods because they have played such a meaningful part in shaping our community. We are a part of many organizations dedicated to preserving this rich history in our community:
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation - preserves landscapes, buildings, and neighborhoods that have played meaningful roles in our past. Their goal is for future generations to experience and discover their own connections with the past 
  • Long Beach Historical Society - connecting people to the past and the place they live by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the material History of Long Beach
  • Long Beach Heritage - an advocacy group promoting public knowledge and preservation of historical and architectural resources, neighborhoods, and the cultural heritage of Long Beach 
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